Welcome to SCCL.

South Carrick Community Leisure was formed in 2011 to represent the views of the South Carrick Community in its discussion with South Ayrshire Council over the replacement of the former swimming pool and beach pavilion that the Council had decided was beyond economic repair. It was constituted as a charity the following year with the purpose of “assisting in the provision of recreational facilities (and, where appropriate, the organisation of recreational activities) available to members of the public at large, with the object of improving their conditions of life. in particular, through the establishment and operation of a community arts and leisure facility in Girvan, Ayrshire (incorporating accommodation for community groups and a cafe/restaurant). The full constitution can be found elsewhere on this site.

SCCL was established as a membership based Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Number SC043090) regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR). From 2012 we worked with South Ayrshire Council and others to agree a concept building design that: met the needs of the community; was affordable; and crucially financially sustainable into the future. By late 2015 a design solution had been agreed by all parties and in addition to the £4m previously pledged by the Council SCCL and partners, put in place the remaining £2.1m necessary to build and equip the proposed leisure centre.

South Ayrshire Council utilised hub South West to procure a design and build solution in line with the developed concept and in late January 2016 construction work began on The Quay Zone Leisure Centre to be located adjacent to the site of the former swimming pool at Girvan Harbour. In March 2017 the Council handed over the new facility which comprised: a 25m 4 lane deck style swimming pool; a gym space; a 1/ 2 room studio space; a soft play space; a café/ reception and seating space together with changing and other ancillary accommodation, to SCCL.

SCCL has negotiated and agreed a 40-year full repairing lease with South Ayrshire Council and it together with a Minute of Agreement constitute the legal basis for SCCLs operation of The Quay Zone as a charitable enterprise.

Throughout March 2017 we completed the installation of the gym, soft play and café equipment and recruited and trained staff. We opened the doors of The Quay Zone to the public on 27th April 2017.


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